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Schoenefeld, Igor

Tennis Academy Coordinator & Head Coach

Mr. Schoenefeld was born in Dusseldorf / Germany. He attended the DTB/VDT tennis trainer education for four years and has received three of the highest Tennis training diplomas with different specializations during this time, which are all recognized by the ITF.

His specializations reach from ”mainstream club tennis” up to “training and Micro, Meso, Makro training/ tournament planning” and the training of sport psychological components of and for professional tennis players. (“High-Performance Athlete Development” and guidance of professional tennis players.)

In addition, he has attended various seminars as “Optimal Biomechanical Movement Structures in the tennis sport”, “Sport psychological aspects and their importance in professional Tennis”, “Enhancing the Zone performance of professional athletes”, also, he has completed an emergency first response course that follows current guidelines for emergency patient care, and many more.

He has been at ACS Athens for the past 15 years and manages the ACS Athens Tennis Academy as its coordinator and Head coach.

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