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Rob Fodor

Shooting Coach at Miami Heat

Rob Fodor is currently the Shooting Coach of the Miami Heat in the NBA. Formerly, he was a coach for the Seattle Storm of the WNBA and the head coach of the Florida Pitbulls of the ABA. He has played college and professional basketball both in the US and abroad.

During his three years with the Miami Heat, the team has set numerous individual and team-shooting career-highs, both on a percentage and volume basis.

Coach Fodor has coached/taught in Norway, Germany, Spain, Singapore, Slovenia, the ABA, the WNBA, and the NBA. By being a teacher and clinician for over 30 years, Coach Fodor has acquired experience in communicating and reaching players of different types and levels. He also explains that understanding how to reach learners of all types is critical to a teacher’s/coach’s, as well as, a player’s success.

Furthermore, Coach Fodor maintains and grows his own business named “The Shooting Guy”, a program that is geared towards teaching students the biomechanics and physics of movement in coordination with attaching the basketball in order to allow players to connect their athleticism to a high skill level. The main focus is to utilize a comprehensive approach to create dynamic balance and proper sequence. This sequencing is essential to an accurate and efficient shot, as well as great balance and explosive movement. The program takes into account every aspect and detail. The goal of “The Shooting Guy” is to provide the most biomechanically sound, physiologically, and psychologically beneficial program possible.

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