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Bryan Crosswhite

Joseph “Bryan” Crosswhite serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at XR Global, a firm dedicated to XR training within emerging markets. With a wealth of experience as an International Consultant focusing on emerging markets, Bryan excels in Program Management for fostering Economic Growth, delivering Firm Level Assistance, managing Trade and Competitiveness, and overseeing Agribusiness Projects.
Bryan’s professional journey has predominantly unfolded in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, where he has contributed as an Economic Advisor on initiatives supported by prominent organizations such as the EU, USAID, DFID, IMF, and the World Bank. His domain of expertise centers around the nexus of Economics and Technology, encompassing critical areas like establishing Centralized Business Registration systems, Competition Commissions, ICT ventures, Supply Chain Management implementations, and Economic Process Management strategies. Accumulating more than 15 years of experience, he boasts a track record of steering projects exceeding the value of 50 million USD. Notable undertakings encompass VR/AR Educational Programs, Competitiveness Programs, Regulatory Reforms, Privatization initiatives, EGAT projects, advancements in Commercial Law, and collaborations on World Bank Index projects.
Bryan’s acumen extends to robust proficiency in trade policies, corporate law, and commercial law. His leadership extends to executive roles within two corporations in Latin America and one within the United States, each specializing in energy market consulting services.
Beyond his professional endeavors, Bryan has engaged in Peacekeeping missions across Lebanon, Cyprus, and Iraq. He has worked closely with the Department of State, providing logistical and technical support for the safe evacuation of refugees from conflict zones. Additionally, Bryan’s involvement in Presidential delegations to China and Asia has been instrumental in facilitating trade negotiations and enhancing diplomatic ties.

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