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Andriana Armodorou

Andriana Armodorou holds dual citizenship from Greece and the United Kingdom, where she lived for 14 years. She has been a member of ACS Athens since October 2019. She started as an Optimal Learning Program (OLP) testing supervisor making sure that the accommodations fit were in place for academic tests and assessments. She supported Middle School, and Academy students reach their optimal learning potential by creating a friendly and stress-free testing environment. For the past two academic years, she has been working as an OLP aide for Middle and High School helping students achieve their academic goals and work towards their independence. She created and delivered an interactive intervention in order to help students change their mindset about stress and empower their self-control and organizational skills. She has been professionally progressing by attending long-lasting seminars about school psychology and Self-appreciation and resilience for students of all ages.
Ms. Armodorou obtained her Master’s in Health Psychology at Middlesex University in London and her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Plymouth in Devon, UK. For her Master’s placement, she worked as a patient advisor at Edgware Community Hospital in London, and for her Bachelor’s degree, she worked for a year as a Social Support Worker at the national Center with Young people with Epilepsy and associated conditions in Surrey, UK.
While in London, she worked at Broadfields Primary School as a Specialist Unqualified Teacher for children with Autism (Pathological Demand Avoidance, Asperger’s, ADHD) in a specialist provision within a mainstream school. She worked as an Autism advisor for mainstream children and offered children with low self-esteem Psychological Support to promote emotional and social balance. She also taught dance lessons using improvisation based on the curriculum for mainstream children. At Broadfields Primary School, she was the initiator for Autism Awareness across the mainstream school and also geared toward parents. She was trained in Makaton sign language and delivered sessions across the provision setting. She also introduced Reverse Inclusion to allow neurotypical children to explore Autism. She created and designed a sensory-friendly program called “Senscape,” delivered in a theme-based environment for children with Autism to meet their sensory needs and make them feel safe and regulated.
In addition, she worked at the Annunciation Catholic Infant School in London. She offered learning, emotional, and speech and language support to mainstream children diagnosed (Autism, Down Syndrome, Global Delay, and Learning Difficulties).

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