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Who We Are

The Institute of ACS Athens aims to enhance the power of K-12 international education and advance learning through innovation and creativity by providing its members with the latest resources and programs that will transform mindsets to contribute to the manifestation of happiness, to empower children’s wisdom, and to teach children to turn their knowledge into skills.

The Institute of ACS Athens is a global platform made up of five Academies that act as research and development centers to create new knowledge in each discipline catered to K-12 international education in the 21st century. Our intention is to provide students, academics, parents, partners, and members with the latest resources and programs that will transform mindsets.

The Institute of ACS Athens works

  • to encourage unique educational experiences through its holistic learning environments and golden triangle approach: student, educator, caregiver
  • to enhance teaching methodology to offer creative teaching practices and new knowledge that will enrich school programs
  • to collaborate with organizations around the globe for the youth to master their craft and think outside the box, while professionals may excel in future learning by being part of a global international network served to empower its members
  • to empower students to author their own research and publications

Board of Trustees

Board of Trustess

  • Constantine Stergides, Chairperson

  • Suheil H. Sabbagh, Member

  • Timothy Ananiadis, Member

  • Pascal Apostolides, Member

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