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Know Your Human Rights

Rights and duties are a crucial part of everyone’s lives. The crucial reason for the lack of Human Rights acceptance across the world has been that the subject has not been taught in every school and educational institution in its required depth. There are no major initiatives to make this fundamental right available to everyone, it is the role of educational institutions to educate each individual and child on this matter.

The Institute of ACS Athens has teamed up with EOS, ​​an independent consultancy committed to helping institutions and companies to better integrate Human Rights, Sustainability, and Environmental policies into their daily operations and practices to bring forward a unique set of masterclasses to the students of ACS Athens and beyond.

By bringing together a global team of Lawyers, Business Experts, Sustainability Practitioners, and Environmental Scientists, EOS built a unique set of masterclasses that are based on Global Human Rights principles, balancing customary sensibilities and ground realities.

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