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MS: State: Violator or Protector? (Ages: 11 – 13)


For: Middle School Students (Ages: 11-13)

These classes will use the same format and the same topics as the one above, but with a focus on the State. Students will learn about the stringent Human Rights system that lays upon states and how this has evolved in the past 60 years. Once again, students will analyze state actions and approaches and create a “best practices” list of what states have been doing to respect and protect Human Rights. Hence, students will evaluate the strategies that both businesses- and state models have or have not included.

Prerequisite: Students must have completed the “MS: ABC of Human Rights” masterclass

Course Type: Online course

Instructor: Gaia Barcilon

Start Date: Saturday, April 6th
End Date: Sunday, April 7th

Meeting Days/Time: *

  • April 6 and 7, 2024 (9-11am)

Deadline to Register: Wednesday, April 3rd

* Time indicated is based on Athens, Greece time zone.

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